Its fall here in Minnesota including the leaves being absolutely everywhere, none the less its stunning outside. Sadly the days are getting shorter and the nighttime coming in quicker. Autumn truly is a nice, mellow, cozy season to enjoy. I compiled a small list of the things that we at PetsPro+ really appreciate about fall. Here’s what we decided on:

  1. Crispy air

2. Soups / Comfort Foods

3. Pumkin Patches

4. Pies

5. Cold rainy days that force you to stay inside.

6. Football games

7. Autumn fruits and veggies

8. Baggy clothes / sweaters

9. Extra hour of darkness = more sleep

10. Cider

11. Scarves/Ryn has some awesome one!

12. Scary movies

13. Halloween soon

14. Thanksgiving incoming

15. Boots

That concludes our list of some of the best things about this season. Enjoy some pictures of Ryn playing with sticks in the leaves.


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