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Scruffy Tails Humane Society

  • We wanted to give a HUGE shout-out to PetsPro+ for being willing to donate supplies for us to use in the shelter AND treats to put in our adoption goodie bags! Thank you so much for caring for our animals and donating to support them and the staff that cares for them! Stop in and adopt today! Every dog adoption goodie bag will have some of these Digestive Dog Chews in them while supplies last!


  • This is Moose, Moose loves the shampoo and calming chews and his pet parents love them too!


  • Our buddy Norman wanted to pop in and say how much he loves our calming chews! He’s feeling relaxed and is happily enjoying his afternoon.

Lily & Ginny

  • Lily and Ginny have been using the Complete Joint Vitamin Formula and Shed Free Chews daily since February and we’ve been very happy with them. Their hair is softer and Lily (10) has less joint cracking in the morning. Ginny uses the calming dog chews for every thunderstorm, and it works wonders! She used to shake and whine the entire time now shes very relaxed. Summer storms are enjoyable for me again!


  • Marley absolutely loves her hemp chews - after a weekend of hunting her body was sore, but these hemp chews helped her muscles relax right away! We highly recommend these hemp chews!


  • The reviews are in, Finn loves his Pets Pro Plus products! “Thank you for the joint chews and pet spray. Finn has been taking them daily and loves them! Just saw him zooming around in the snow and he hasn't done that in a long time.”


  • Noka is a 9yo GSP. We are Big fans of the great smelling shampoo, and he loves “treat time”. We know he is getting older and are confident that the Super Health Chews will help him maintain his active lifestyle with less aches and pains.


  • This is Lucy, and after her sister died, her family started giving her the calming chews and the hemp chews because of her anxiety. It's really helped her.


  • We purchased PetsPro + Broad Spectrum Pet Drops and it is one of the best products I have found for her anxiety. There was such a noticeable, positive difference in her. Thank you PetsPro+.


  1. Abby Wikstrom on 16 January 2024 at 3:27 PM

    Pets Pro + products have been a game changer in our daily routine for Buck! We use multiple Pets Pro + products and can’t speak highly enough about them. After two Leg surgeries we were told to use joint supplements but didn’t notice much of a difference in the ones we were using. Multiple joint supplements later we have found one that just doesn’t compare to any other. We have noticed so much positive change in Buck the last month. I can’t pick a favorite product because all the ones we use are my favorite and we give them to him like a treat ( Super Health Dog chews, Shed Free Chews, Complete Joint Formula Chews, CBD Dog Chews, CBD Broad Spectrum Oil, and the Shampoo) are the ones we use and are all great. Thank You Pets Pro + for the dedication & time you have spent and continue to spend on these great products!

    • PetsPro+ on 19 February 2024 at 1:24 PM

      Thank you so much Abby! We are very happy to hear Buck is doing better! We truly appreciate your business!

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