Dogs and the Benefits of CBD Oil and CBD Treats

Dog owners always want what’s best for their pets. It’s no surprise that CBD has made its way into dog treats and dog food, especially considering how many potential benefits the compound has.

Are you looking for a healthy addition to your dog’s diet that can make them happier and healthier? Well, CBD just may be the right product for you!

Keep reading to find out more about the benefits and safety of CBD oil and CBD treats for dogs.

Benefits of CBD Oil and Treats for Dogs

CBD oil holds many benefits for dogs, some of which are explained below:

· CBD could help reduce inflammation.

Inflammation occurs when there’s an injury or an infection. It is supposed to be protective but if the inflammation stays for a long time and doesn’t resolve, it could do more harm than good to your companions. Inflammation is the key factor behind a lot of diseases in dogs including bowel disorders, cardiovascular diseases, osteoarthritis, and many others. Thus, by decreasing inflammation, CBD could greatly help improve your dog’s health.

· CBD helps calm down dogs with anxiety.

Separation anxiety can be a huge bummer for your dogs, especially if you spend long hours working. Do you feel like your dog becomes incredibly sad and stops eating when you’re not around? Well, CBD could help with that. It does so by influencing the ECS system that’s naturally present in dogs.

Moreover, it can also help tackle anxiety in dogs during car rides and other stressful events.

· CBD could help increase your dog’s appetite.

CBD works wonders for dogs that have an appetite problem; this is very common in dogs undergoing chemotherapy. If your dog is eating less because of an illness, it could make them even sicker. Thus, by stimulating your dog’s appetite, CBD makes sure that your dog gets adequate nutrients and recovers quickly.

· CBD helps reduce chronic pain.

A lot of dogs suffer from chronic pain in the form of diseases like cancer and osteoarthritis. The chronic pain makes them inactive and quiet. They suffer in silence. Even though pain medications exist, they have many side effects and aren’t always the best solution for your pets. This is where CBD comes into play. CBD could significantly help reduce pain in your dogs. In fact, numerous studies into the effects of CBD to alleviate pain have shown positive results. Moreover, CBD doesn’t have any of the side effects that pain medications do, making it a win-win for you and your four-legged companion.

· CBD could help reduce seizures in dogs unresponsive to medical treatment.

If your dog suffers from frequent epileptic episodes and medicines don’t seem to help much, you could try using CBD oil to help with the epileptic episodes. Studies have shown that this treatment seems to work.

These are some of the numerous benefits of giving CBD oil or treats to your dogs! In addition to these benefits, CBD is also great for your dog’s digestive health. Moreover, it could also help improve your dog’s skin and fur coat.

How to Administer CBD to your Dogs

If you’re a CBD newbie, all of the CBD information can be pretty overwhelming for you, so let’s simplify things a bit.

The best way to administer CBD to your dogs is to either add CBD oil or tincture to their food or to give them dog treats that are infused with CBD oil. It’s best to find CBD capsules/treats that are designed specifically for dogs.

Start with a lower dosage and then gradually up the dosage until you see the results that you want. This will help you figure out the dosage that’s best for your dogs.

Helpful Tips for Purchasing CBD for Dogs

CBD is such a high-demand product that there are tons of fakes and scams related to the product out there. So, what do you need to check for in order to get high-quality CBD products? Here are a few points that may help:

Go for brands that provide third-party lab test results. These products are safe from harmful contaminants and the lab results guarantee the purity of the product.

Make sure that the product you’re getting has a label on it that tells exactly how many mg of CBD is in it.

We all want what’s best for our pet family!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is CBD oil safe for dogs?

Yes, CBD oil is considered safe for dogs.

Does CBD have any side effects in dogs?

CBD oil could have a few side effects in dogs, but these side effects rarely exist and are just minor side effects. The side effects include dry mouth and increased sleepiness.

Is CBD oil legal?

Yes, CBD oil is legal in many countries and states across the world. However, it’s best to check your local rules and regulations to make sure you’re not breaking any laws.

Can CBD make my dog high?

No, CBD is not psychoactive and cannot make your dog high.

How many times a day should I give my dog CBD?

Ideally, once a day is enough. However, the exact frequency depends on why you’re giving CBD. For example, if you’re giving CBD to relieve pain, you might want to administer it twice a day instead of just once a day. Also, always check the label! Your pets’ weight can be a factor in the appropriate dose so always check the label depending on the treat or oil you are giving them.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your favorite Petspro+ CBD treats, oils and sprays today and help improve your pet’s mental and physical health! After all, our pets deserve all the love and care they can get!


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